• Agriculture Greenhouse
    With Over 12 Years of Experience
    - Grounded Agricultural Greenhouse
    - Hydroponic Agricultural Greenhouse
    - Banana Production Greenhouse
    - Seedling Production Greenhouse
    - Ornamental Plant Production Greenhouse
  • Industrial Cold Rooms
    With Our Professional Installation Team
    - Industrial Pre-Cooling Rooms
    - Industrial Cold Rooms
    - Industrial Frozeen Rooms
    - Industrial Shock Rooms
    - Industrial Workspaces
  • Food Drying Machines
    Special Project Service for Your Facility
    - Fruit and Vegetable Dryer with Tray
    - Belt Dryer Machine Line
    - Fluid Bed Dryer
    - Room Type Drying Oven
    - Spray Drying Oven
  • Irrigation Systems
    Fast and Reliable Service
    - Drip Irrigation Systems
    - Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
    - Furrow Irrigation Systems
    - Surface Irrigation Systems
    - Pump Piping and Valve Systems

Atlas Agro

  • Projecting

    Your projects are carried out by the professional project group in the project design department. The Project Group works with the most up-to-date computer programs in all of its project design works and provides project services in accordance with national and international regulations.
  • Production and Control

    Our team serves you until the control by making productions in accordance with the project we have prepared for you.
  • Logistics and Customs Clearance

    Your products, which are produced and controlled, are loaded under our own control and customs clearance procedures are carried out.
  • Installation

    Your facility is delivered to you by our professional assembly team, with complete controls.

Always Ahead...

Atlas Agron Services
Your Business Will Be Strengthened With Atlas Agro

  • Agricultural Greenhouses

    Taking environmental conditions under control by providing suitable conditions for the growth of products.
  • Cold Storage

    Safe long-term storage of your perishable products by keeping foods at low temperatures.
  • Food Drying.
    Preparation of delicious dry products by dewatering fruits and vegetables under suitable conditions.
  • Irrigation Systems
    It is the appropriate amount of irrigation that plants need but is not met by natural precipitation.
  • Flour Mill
    Receiving flour and similar products by grinding grains.
  • Feed Silos

    It provides working with maximum efficiency by protecting the feed against all kinds of dangers.
  • Cage Systems
    Cage Systems for Chickens make your work easier with egg collection systems.

    It offers you the plan you need by designing the Industrial projects you want in an ergonomic way.

Our Business Process

SWorking only with a good project team is not enough for the success of a project.
The full involvement of the project team from production to installation
It is necessary to have experience in consulting the institution.
Atlas Agro manages not only the project but also the following stages together with the institution.
  • Analysis
  • Production
  • Suitability
  • Quality Test
  • Logistics
  • Customs
  • Installation
  • Installation Completion

Why Atlas Agro?

  There are important points to consider when preparing a project for an institution. These points are:

1. Will it be able to meet all the demands?
2. Is this project suitable for your institution, will it be able to meet the market and sales figures?
3. Is the planned project suitable for production or are revisions necessary?
4. Can the production produce products within the scope of the project and under the desired conditions?
5. Do the products meet the quality requirements within the relevant standards?.
6. Is the packaging of the products suitable for transportation?
7. Is the vehicle transportation method chosen for logistics suitable for the product and the project?
8. Are the documents prepared for customs clearance correct?
9. Is the installation of the incoming products appropriate and does the system work correctly?
10. Are post-installation service and returns fast and on time?
The relevant institution will need to find out how to answer these questions and allocate time and resources to establish the project standards it will develop for the solution.
With Atlas Agro, we get rid of this loss of time and cost, which will take about 2 years.
These are the questions that the project teams of all institutions in Turkey and in the world should answer.
Atlas Agro is a professional company where you will get answers to these questions.